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We take our love for great quality motorcycles to the track, and showcase just how great and versatile the brands we sell are.

Sponsored by Beth Mobility, the Beth Racing Squad is made up of talented, passionate and exceptional male and female racers who are currently dominating the SuperBike scene in East Africa in the 250cc-300cc and 100cc-200cc categories.

During the 2020 EASB Association Championships at Whistling Moran, the Beth Racing Squad was able to secure both first and second place in the 200cc Sports Class Category, with both racing riding on CFMoto 250NK sports bikes; and 2nd and 3rd place in the 100cc Sports Class Category on Zontes J200 models.

With several trophies under their belt during the 2020 Season, let’s see what 2021 holds for the reigning Champs!

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